Real Estate Tips for Vancouver Residents

Vancouver is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is surrounded by gorgeous mountains, a large ocean, and amazing greenery. It is not surprising why so many people want to settle down in this city. However, with the beauty also comes the price tag. Vancouver is notoriously one of the most expensive cities to buy property in. Before looking at the market and contacting a real estate agent, there are certain things that you need to consider.Become Informed About Different NeighborhoodsJust like in any major city, the price tag goes up when the area is highly sought-after. If you plan to move to the west side or downtown, prepare to pay a hefty amount. However, there are also areas that might seem cheap but are actually very expensive. Trendy neighborhoods like Main Street and Gastown are very pricey even though they seem like run-down areas. Becoming aware of different neighborhoods will help you to make wise decisions.Figure Out Your PrioritiesPriorities are everything when it comes to purchasing property in Vancouver. If you are single and you want to experience the nightlife in Vancouver then consider buying a condo in Yaletown. However, if you are just about to start a family and need a lot of space, think about areas outside of the downtown core. You have to figure out how much space you need and how much you are willing to spend before making your final purchase.Think About Additional CostsPurchasing a home and purchasing an apartment are two very different things. Property tax and amenities for a home are going to be very different for a condo. Think about your monthly budget and whether or not you can afford the extra costs that come with your home. If you can’t, then look into cheaper properties that have lower taxes and additional costs.Look Into Homes That Are Leak-ProofWhile other homes in Canada must be able to sustain the winters, homes in Vancouver need to be protected against the rain. Make sure that your roof is treated and that there are no holes or damages. Purchasing a home that has leaks can add up to thousands of dollars in additional costs.Vancouver can be a wonderful place to settle down in as long as you purchase the right home. Good properties in Vancouver have to be in safe neighborhoods and they have to provide you with the space and comfort that you need. If your home suits you perfectly, then you can fully enjoy everything that the city has to offer.